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Gary Zweiger

Gary Zweiger is a co-founder, investor, and adviser at Fluent BioSciences. He served as a venture partner and operating partner at Cota Capital from 2020 to 2022. Prior to that Gary co-founded and was managing director at BioInflexion Point Partners, a firm that helped companies in the life sciences bring innovative technologies to commercial readiness. He supported companies such as Moleculo (sold to Illumina), Zephyrus Biosciences (sold to BioTechne), Blueprint Genetics (sold to Quest Diagnostics) and Mission Bio. Gary has over 20 years of experience in business development with leadership roles at Agilent Technologies, ABI (Thermo), Affymetrix (Thermo), and Bionano. He completed his BS degree in Biological Sciences at Stanford University, obtained a PhD in Genetics from Stanford University’s School of Medicine, and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Genentech.


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