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Portfolio Modeling Supporting a Financing Transaction

Clinical-Stage Platform Therapeutics Company Needs Forecast, Modeling and Research Services to Support a Major Financing Transaction


A clinical stage platform therapeutics company needed professional guidance in valuing its individual assets as well as its platform technology.

The company retained RNA to provide a structured way to evaluate the potential indications and development pathways for each of its assets in order to capture the full optionality value of its portfolio.


Developed detailed, bottom-up forecast models for later-stage assets that covered all of the planned indications.

Created detailed development budgets that would enable the achievement milestones.

Conducted a benchmark analysis of analogous transactions for earlier stage assets and platform technologies, including non-conventional means of monetizing value (e.g., priority review vouchers).

Created scenario planning tools to evaluate the impact of prioritizing different assets in the portfolio and how the order of launching in various indications could affect pricing and uptake.

Developed a robust set of valuation estimates that considered both the value of the individual assets, as well as the portfolio and platforms as a whole.


The company used our findings to create alignment on development prioritization with internal stakeholders and to articulate a clear strategic vision when engaging with potential investors.

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