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Licensing and Partnering Advisory

RNA Advisors supports licensing, partnering and collaboration (including joint ventures) arrangements between parties in the life sciences and healthcare industries. Our expertise in market research, financial modeling, transaction structuring, and strategic analysis supports our clients in their internal processes surrounding licensing and partnering decision making, and our deep experience with complex transactions in life sciences facilitates smoother and more effective stakeholder management. We are well-versed in our understanding of the financial ramifications of transaction structures on company performance, asset valuations, investment returns and other key performance metrics. 

The RNA team has developed market-research-supported forecasts for the following royalty transactions. In buy-side situations, we also performed valuation & deal structuring analyses.

RNA Advisors has also performed forecasting, valuation, financial and/or strategic advisory services pertaining to the following licensing/collaboration/M&A deals:

FibroGen / Astellas
FibroGen / AstraZeneca
Ophthotech / Novartis
Ocular / Regeneron
4DMT / Pfizer
Translate / Sanofi
RaNA / Shire
Adicet / Regeneron
Aduro / BioNovion
Aduro / Novartis
CHA / Astellas
CytomX / ImmunoGen
CytomX / BMS
CytomX / Pfizer
Protagonist / Janssen
Dren / Pfizer
HotSpot / AbbVie
StemCentrx / AbbVie
Nimbus / Gilead
Nimbus / Takeda
Exonics / Vertex
Peloton / Merck
Flexus / BMS
Kallyope / Novo
True North / Bioverativ
Synthekine / Merck
ARMO / Lilly
Delinia / Celgene
Kythera / Allergan
Cybrexa / Exelixis
Locemia / Lilly

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