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Forecasting, Modeling and Simulation

At RNA Advisors, our forecasting, modeling and simulation services offer a focus on flow and critical issue drivers to better predict sales, market demand and financial outcomes. We use cross-impact techniques that combine real world evidence, epidemiology, unmet need, manufacturing, customer behavior, pricing and access, and competitive events in life sciences and healthcare.

Our modeling can be patient-based with an epidemiology approach using data and assumptions around prevalence, persistence, compliance, and market share. Alternatively, we can take a demand-based modeling approach using commercial sales data and/or real-world evidence. When appropriate, our models use a blended technique that integrates components of both approaches based on the availability of granular data and depending on the use case.

Our computer-based business simulations and games are interactive, virtual environments that simulate real-world business scenarios, allowing participants to make decisions, implement strategies, and experience the consequences of their actions in a risk-free setting.

The RNA team has assessed and/or developed market-research-supported product forecasts and valuations for the following products:

Highlighted Case Study

Portfolio Modeling Supporting a Financing Transaction

Highlighted Case Study

Major Pharma Out-Licensing Deal

Highlighted Case Study

Supporting the Entire Life Cycle: Biotech Company

Highlighted Case Study

M&A Valuation Support: Medical Device Company

Highlighted Case Study

Commercial Assessment (Buy-Side): Therapeutic

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