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Conversion around technology and the rate of technological innovation is continuing to evolve rapidly. Technology firms face challenges in navigating through this digital revolution. New digital payment methods, ever-widening security concerns, and a proliferation of new market entrants challenge today’s technology companies to adapt existing business models as well as to develop new ones.

RNA Advisors has worked with clients in all areas of technology, serving corporate clients and private equity firms by combining our commercial knowledge and transaction support experience to develop insights that help technology companies remain competitive. RNA Advisor’s experience covers a range of software and hardware technology segments, including computer chips, 3-D printing, enterprise software, mobile apps, AI/machine learning, SaaS among others. Having worked extensively across these areas leaves us well-positioned to see and anticipate key trends driving the industry. We leverage this deep experience by helping clients develop growth strategies, identify opportunities for investors considering investments in the technology space and with transaction support.

Our expertise includes transactional depth with a number of technology sector clients:

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