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The combination of scientific advances, digital innovations, and novel business models has created opportunities for players across the life sciences market landscape. However, this rapidly changing, and increasingly competitive environment has also led to uncertain market access conditions, continued pricing pressure, and disruption from nontraditional market entrants. More than ever, these trends highlight the importance of thinking strategically about where to deploy resources, both for investing in current businesses as well as exploring new pathways for growth.

RNA Advisors can help biopharma companies develop corporate strategies to adapt and win in an evolving global healthcare market. Our team has deep experience in developing valuations and forecasts across a wide variety of therapeutic areas and a number of different stakeholders across the life sciences ecosystem.

From early-stage discovery through candidate selection, pre-clinical development, and commercialization, we support biopharmaceutical clients at every stage of the deal and product development lifecycle. We provide thoughtful perspectives on how to identify and quantify areas of value creation through our engagements, including high-level and deep-dive market assessments, comparables analyses, product forecasts, corporate growth strategies, and transaction support for royalty streams, joint ventures, M&A, and licensing deals. RNA Advisors brings together a deep set of analytical capabilities to properly size and assess the potential value of an opportunity, along with years of industry experience to build the supporting narrative to successfully communicate this potential to executives, investors, and other relevant stakeholders.

RNA Advisors has deep expertise in biopharmaceutical company valuation consulting as a result of the following disease-specific engagements:

Diabetes – Phase 3 pharmaceutical
IVF – Commercial pharmaceutical
HIV – Commercial pharmaceutical
Ultra-orphan – Commercial pharmaceutical
Neuropathic Pain – Commercial pharmaceutical
Facial Aesthetics – Commercial portfolio of injectables
BPH – Commercial medical device
Epilepsy – Commercial pharmaceutical
Intraocular Lens – Pre-commercial
Rheumatology – Commercial pharmaceutical
Adult Vaccine – Commercial pharmaceutical
Prostate Cancer – Commercial pharmaceutical
Influenza – Commercial pharmaceutical
Surgical Equipment – Commercial capital equipment
Restless Leg Syndrome – Commercial pharmaceutical
Fibromyalgia – Commercial pharmaceutical
Oncology Molecular Diagnostics – Platform company
Specialty Urology – Commercial portfolio, multiple indications
Electrophysiology – Commercial products for EP lab
Dry Eye – Commercial IT/device system
Migraine – Commercial pharmaceutical
Heart Failure – Phase 3 pharmaceutical
Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension – Commercial pharmaceutical
Audiology – Health IT platform, clinical development
Cancer Immunotherapy – Pre-clinical pharmaceutical platform
Tele-health – Commercial IT platform and service
Oncology Antibody-Drug Conjugates – Phase 2 pharmaceutical
Structural Heart – Development stage medical device
Sickle-cell Disease – Phase 2 pharmaceutical
HCV – Pre-commercial pharmaceutical portfolio
GI Molecular Diagnostics – Late-stage pre-commercial
Mitral Valve Disease – Pre-commercial device/procedure
Prenatal Diagnostics – Pre-commercial development
Cystic Fibrosis – Preclinical pharmaceutical
Digital Health – Pre-commercial healthcare delivery platform
Companion Diagnostics – Commercial oncology diagnostics
Urology – Commercial device/procedure
Women’s Health – Medical device

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