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Digital Health

Healthcare IT and technology-enabled services are playing an important role in leveraging broader digital innovations to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes for patients. Given the seemingly endless number of applications across the care continuum, the digital health landscape encompasses a wide range stakeholders, including health systems, physician offices, health plans, medical device companies, and biopharma manufacturers. RNA Advisors has experience in helping each of these constituents navigate through the uncertainties, establish strong positions ahead of emerging trends, and successfully execute strategic growth initiatives.

Our team has extensive experience in working with clients who operate at the intersection of technology and healthcare, including: digital therapeutics, neural feedback technologies, enterprise software for health system population management, point-of-care solutions for providers, consumer wearables and sensors, patient engagement tools and messaging systems, AI sorting algorithms for prioritizing high-risk patients, and many others.

RNA Advisors helps clients to leverage digital technologies for improving productivity and effectiveness across the value chain, thereby increasing access, connectivity, engagement, patient outcomes, and efficiency. Our experiences across the healthcare IT ecosystem enable us to provide relevant perspectives and actionable recommendations to assist clients in overcoming the key challenges and maximizing the opportunities offered by digital health.

Meet a sample of RNA's clients in digital health:

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