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Medical device and diagnostic products are vital to a successful healthcare system. However, bringing new devices and diagnostics to market is a long, capital-intensive, and highly-regulated process. RNA understands the financial and strategic needs of companies looking to bring new therapies to market.

Through our years of experience, we have seen that health care providers often have a variety of preferred clinical approaches, with different abilities and willingness to pay for innovation. Having a detailed understanding of the range of current clinical workflows and how your device aligns with – and impacts – the current clinical picture is critical in developing a successful go-to-market strategy.

In addition, refining and sizing potential customer segments can help to narrow the target pricing band, identify initial account targets, and determine the right segment prioritization in order to maximize the total value of the opportunity. For devices that will displace existing tools and procedures, early planning can help to ensure a successful launch. RNA Advisors can help to develop marketing tools, educational materials, and objection handlers that address the clinical & economic value propositions, together with field team structure and clinical support models that enable rapid uptake in the market.

By exploring related market segments, RNA Advisors can help medical device companies benefit from the increased corporate valuations that apply to other indications and clinical applications. Close adjacencies in products and procedures should be explored in light of the resources required to fully leverage the field team and maximize the value of a broader product portfolio.

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