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Valuation Opinions

The team at RNA Advisors embodies a depth of industry knowledge and capital markets possessed by equity research analysts, the ability to identify opportunities and challenges that help our clients make key decisions like a strategy consultant, and a familiarity with transaction structures and industry players like an investment banker. Because of this unparalleled combination of capabilities, and our laser focus on the life sciences and healthcare technology sectors, experienced companies and their legal counsel retain us because they understand that the true value of a valuation opinion is largely a function of the credentials and experience of the firm which may need to defend its analyses under the scrutiny of close cross-examination. We are able to deliver valuation opinions for the full spectrum of client needs from board members, special board committees, limited partner advisory committees who need to fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities via fairness opinions to portfolio valuation services for funds and their limited partners, strategic valuation opinions for investors and acquirers to financial reporting and tax planning opinions.

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