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Market Research and Analysis

In life sciences and healthcare, the quality of an organization’s business insights, derived from primary and secondary research, is a principal determinant of value creation.

Understanding and characterizing marketplace needs, preferences, behaviors and risks are the essential foundations for commercial success in these industries. Our research and analysis offerings at RNA Advisors are conducted by life sciences content-experts who have deep understanding of the pivotal, key issues that drive company and investor decision-making.

We conduct qualitative primary and secondary market research using techniques that include in-depth interviews, projective techniques, online forums and concept testing. We have easy and fast access to key opinion leaders, community healthcare workers, major payers in the U.S. and globally, and other policy stakeholders. We also conduct quantitative research using surveys, discrete choice / conjoint analysis and panel studies. Often, a combination of both qualitative and quantitative techniques is used to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market. Our team at RNA is capable of conducting primary research in any major market.

Highlighted Case Study

Due Diligence Support (Buy-Side): Fund Manager

Highlighted Case Study

Portfolio Modeling Supporting a Financing Transaction

Highlighted Case Study

Major Pharma Out-Licensing Deal

Highlighted Case Study

Supporting the Entire Life Cycle: Biotech Company

Highlighted Case Study

Portfolio Valuation: Life Sciences Investments

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