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What Our Clients Say

Misti Ushio, Digitalis Ventures

“RNA is always great to work with. They’re smart, they work fast, and they can jump in and get up to speed quickly. When we had critical needs, they’ve been able to really help us out in tough spots.”

Chris Parmentier, Virtue

“We have been working with RNA for several years. They are responsive, reliable, understand the nuances of our business and help us with modeling expertise that exceeds the capabilities within our corporate organization. We value them as an ecosystem partner and as a true extension of our operating team.”

David Chacko, Erasca

“The RNA team is responsive and efficient and understands the nuances of valuation as pertains to our sector, and we valued our partnership with them.”

Chris Vasquez, Biodesix

“The RNA team has been incredibly professional, very responsive to our on-going and sometimes tight turnaround valuation requests and has been an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Chris White, Healthcare Royalty

“We started working with the RNA team when we realized that the large branded firm that we were working with needed too much hand holding to understand our investments and the royalty industry. We switched to RNA because they understand the sector, are responsive and efficient, and are in the flow of the biopharma ecosystem.”

Gary Yeung, YK Bioventures

“RNA Advisors has been my go-to valuation firm for all the companies I have built. In my new capacity as a VC, I would recommend RNA Advisors to all my portfolio companies. RNA staff is one of the industry’s most capable and collaborative experts.”

Alex Mitchell, Dispatch Health

“I inherited the RNA team from the previous CFO and we’ve found them to be fantastic. They get healthcare, valuation, and they get the psychology of value just as much as the tools. They know how to get things done.”

Doug Hughes, Neotrack

“The RNA team is great. Sam and Kayvon have done an exceptional job working with my companies for over a decade. They deliver on time and I don’t have to spend time getting them up to speed because they already know healthcare and medtech.”

Bruce Peacock

“I’ve worked with the RNA team on a number of valuation matters, large and small. These guys know their stuff. Whether using them to assist with large licensing transaction negotiations to simple tax and financial reporting work, they understand and they deliver.”

Matt Zuga, High Cape

“RNA is my go to firm for diligence, modeling and valuation projects. Responsive…check, reliable…check, understand my investments and companies…check.”

Marshall Fordyce, Vera Therapeutics

“The RNA team helped us from inception through our IPO and beyond. They are one of the top firms that I know of at the intersection of valuation, biotech and finance. I’d recommend them for my life science venture-backed company colleagues.”

Robin LaChapelle, Arrivent

“The RNA team has helped us with tax and financial reporting-oriented valuation work. Its nice to work with a firm that not only understands the intricacies of reporting requirements but actually understands the drug development business.”

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