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Thomas Foster Joins RNA Advisors as Managing Principal

Thomas Foster Joins RNA Advisors as Managing Principal

RNA Advisors, LLC, a leading valuation and strategic advisory firm focused exclusively on life sciences and healthcare technology, announced today that Thomas Foster has joined the firm as Managing Principal. Mr. Foster is a commercial expert and strategist who focuses on turning science into profitable revenue streams and corporate value. His work provides independent and […]

Client Success: Valuation Analysis for Revenue Cycle Healthcare Technology Spin-Out

THE PROBLEM: Determine the fair market value of a spin-out of an existing successful healthcare technology company for purposes of tax and transaction planning purposes. THE SOLUTION: Financial modeling and diligence, transaction support and fair market value opinion. “You are our go to team for valuation support. You know your domain and are responsive.” – […]

Fairness Opinions: Why Expertise Matters Now More Than Ever in Life Sciences and Healthcare

Since 2015, RNA Advisors has provided valuation, transactional and strategic advisory support services to over 300 life science and healthcare services clients encompassing over 1700 engagements, totaling over $282 billion in asset and transaction value. Our clients include top-tier venture-backed private companies, small to midsize public companies, private equity and VC investors, large health systems, […]

Client Success: Healthcare Transaction Support to Assess Value from Different Perspectives

By Jeff Williamson THE SITUATION: A healthcare company with a portfolio of products in development for treating cardiac conditions was fielding investor interest for a potential acquisition. The company wanted to weigh the relative merits of raising additional equity financing versus exploring multiple M&A offers, as these initial discussions indicated a price range that did […]

Client Success: Navigating Strategic Investment in Healthcare Technology

THE PROBLEM: A healthcare technology company that sells its FDA 510(k) approved device and supporting dashboarding and analytic tools to hospitals was in the midst of a capital raising effort involving a one-on-one negotiation with an existing strategic partner. The company received from the strategic partner a “low-ball” valuation. The company’s management team and board […]

Why Valuation Matters in Early-Stage Life Sciences

“Value”, the outcome of a thorough valuation analysis, is ultimately what parties agree to. Sometimes this seems a rational outcome, other times an irrational one. The reality is that a life sciences or healthcare technology company’s valuation often results from the ability or inability to create an effective bidding process and to persuade/anchor a strategic […]

Adaptive Valuation Approaches in Life Sciences and Healthcare

In finance, theories about the efficiency of markets have been both extraordinarily elegant and disastrously wrong on many occasions. These so-called efficient markets concepts have brought about interesting tools like the Capital Asset Pricing Model and Black-Scholes or Cox-Ross-Rubinstein binomial lattice models as tools for understanding how to assess a company’s cost of capital or […]

Client Success: Derivatives Valuation for pre-IPO Biotechnology Company

THE PROBLEM: A development stage biotechnology company (considering an IPO in the near future) entered into a series of financings which required the valuation of components of the financings deemed to be a derivative for financial reporting purposes. THE SOLUTION: RNA worked with the company and their Big 4 auditor to develop a Monte Carlo […]

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