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Buy-Side Due Diligence: Organ on a Chip

Buy-side Due Diligence Support for a Potential Investor


An investor engaged RNA to assist with its diligence to put a significant investment into one of the leading Organ on a Chip technology companies.

While the investor had experience investing in life science companies, it looked to us for an informed perspective prior to making the investment.


Conducted a market assessment for the  Organ on a Chip sector, including significant primary and secondary market research.

Coordinated  numerous conversations with stakeholders in the pharmaceutical development process (large pharmaceutical executives, investors, discovery/regulatory consultants, etc.) as part of the primary research process.

Reviewed the target’s forecast and valuation model and prepared our own assessment of the reasonableness of the forecasts, valuation targets, etc.

Queried certain stakeholders with respect to key milestones and concerns they would have with similar investments.


We determined that our findings were consistent with the investor’s perspectives and validated its investment thesis, which led to further negotiations regarding reasonable pre-money valuation expectations.

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