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Corporate Strategy: Growth Options for Medtech in Heart Failure

Comprehensive Assessment of Growth Options and a Plan for a Strategic Pivot


A medtech start-up with a leading product in the structural heart space related to heart failure faced a strategic resource allocation decision: invest in next-generation technology in the then current low-growth market or place bets on riskier technologies in the emerging higher growth segment?


Conducted a comprehensive strategic and commercial operations review, including market segmentation, competitive analysis, assessment of investor interest, comparable transaction analysis, and impact on exit strategies.


We recommended  that the company extend its leading clinical position to the newer, faster-growing opportunity.

We also identified an additional opportunity to reallocate funds from underperforming commercial territories to bring the next-generation technology across the finish line.

We provided management with a cost-effective way to make mission-critical decisions and communicate strategy to the company’s Board of Directors, customer base and investment community.

The company employed more thoughtful cost control in order to provide it with the resources to fully pursue the product iteration.

The company was able to commit sufficient investment resources with confidence in order to have “two shots-on-goal” in the new market segment.

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