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Inventory and Assessment: Healthcare System’s Oncology Data Assets

Comprehensive Inventory & Assessment of Integrated Health System’s Oncology Data


An integrated health system (both payer and provider components) sought to develop a comprehensive, robust, and current view of its oncology data assets, which was captured across many different sites of care, in different formats (claims, EHRs, images, genomic profiles), and in different legacy systems.


Identified, described, quantified, and documented all data sources relevant to the delivery of oncology treatment and service to patients.

Pressure-tested specific data elements for each data source and systematically outlined which key types of analyses could be executed with the data as-is (e.g., clinical, cost, utilization, sub-groups and longitudinal) vs. those that would require investment of time and resources to close data gaps.

Developed phased plan of implementing improvements to data, along with levels of investment required and associated increases in value of the oncology data assets to potential third parties.


We provided our client with a cohesive picture of oncology data across the organization, and created the first “source of truth” reference that cataloged what data was available, where it resided, and how it could be used.

We created an actionable roadmap for closing gaps in data and outlined a clear vision for turning disparate oncology data sources into enterprise-level assets that would be valuable to outside researchers.

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