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Market Assessment: Biopharma Company

Early-Stage Biopharma Company Needs Strategy and Research Support to Inform Prioritization


An early-stage biopharmaceutical company had a platform technology that could be used to develop assets in a number of related oncology indications and protein targets.

The company retained RNA to develop perspectives on the commercial opportunity in each market and create a prioritization plan for clinical development.


Conducted epidemiological research to estimate prevalence rates of the genetic mutations of interest, and overlaid the relative frequency by tumor type.

Assessed the development pipeline to understand the level of competitive intensity for each potential indication, including number of clinical trials, trial enrollment difficulty and level of monetary investment.

Analyzed each indication in terms market size, clinical unmet need (5-yr survival rates, proportion diagnosed at Stages 3 and 4, etc.) and competitive intensity to inform relative prioritization.


Our market assessment provided a data-supported fact-base that the company used to inform its clinical development plan.

RNA’s findings were used by the Company to support productive discussions with investors and helped it to secure a successful round of financing.

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