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Client Success: Mandatory Adoption of ASC 842 – Incremental Borrowing Rate Analysis for Private Biotech

Why Valuation Matters in Early-Stage Life Sciences

“Value”, the outcome of a thorough valuation analysis, is ultimately what parties agree to. Sometimes this seems a rational outcome, other times an irrational one. The reality is that a life sciences or healthcare technology company’s valuation often results from the ability or inability to create an effective bidding process and to persuade/anchor a strategic […]

Client Success: Commercial Assessment for Crossover Investor-Funded Private Biotech

THE PROBLEM: Novel technology platform could be used across a wide range of rare diseases, so executive team and board want an independent, evidence-based view of commercial opportunity to complement the scientific analysis. THE SOLUTION: Interviews with KOL physician-scientists to understand unmet need and applicability of technology to targets, detailed pipeline analysis, market modeling and […]

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